Terms and Conditions

These presents embraces your Prime Blazed usage from any of terminal stations where the Prime Blazed is available.

Rebranding Announcement: To serve users in more countries we have updated our branding to better reflect the company we have become. This new face doesn’t mean any changes for you. We will refer to our service brand as Prime Blazed going forward, and we are introducing a new logo and marketing materials that embrace our position in the industry.

Digital Signature(s): According to this Agreement you assent to the usage of digital communication to enter into agreements, make orders and any other entries and to the digital distribution of notifications, policies and entries of bargains initiated or finished with the assistance of the Prime Blazed computer programs and related data. Moreover, you herewith forgo any demands or rights according to any laws or terms under the any cognizance which demands a genuine (non-digital) signature or transfer or conservation of non-digital documents, within the scope allowed under proper mandatory law.

Cognizance Restrictions: Please abstain from the usage of Prime Blazed in case it is banned by law of your residence.

Alteration of present Agreement: The right of making the changes and alterations to the present Agreement and their posting on the same page is reserved by Prime Blazed at its exclusive discretion.

License and Limitations

License: According to the terms of present Agreement and during the time of your Subscription and account validity, the Prime Blazed provides you with limited, personal, non-exclusive, non- sublicensing, non-assignable license which entitles you to download, install, and use the software of the Prime Blazed on your personal computer.

The Accounts Sharing Prohibition: During the term of your Subscription you are granted for a single-user license by Prime Blazed. You have no right for selling, renting, or sharing of your account to third parties, no matter known or unknown. The infringement of this paragraph may bring about temporary or permanent intermission of your Account validity. To receive more information you should observe the Suspension of Accounts.

No Alterations: According to the Agreement You have no right to attempt, cause, allow or empower the alteration, reverse engineering, rendering, initiation of derivative works, hacking, decompiling or disassembling of Prime Blazed website or any part of this exclude to the extent allowed by law.


No Guarantees: You are granted by Prime Blazed to look for and download any media content from the World Wide Web. Due of the World Wide Web nature we do not give guarantees that the service you receive will be 100% fail proof. Media content you download is supplied by the third-party internet servers and the Prime Blazed has no control over them and makes no claims or guarantees concerning their service.

Intermission of Accounts: The Prime Blazed has the sole right to temporarily postpone your usage of Prime Blazed if the infringement of present Agreement is proved. The Prime Blazed also has sole right to postpone your usage of the service for the purposes of fixing, ameliorating, or upgrading the Prime Blazed Service, or another excusable reason, including but not limited to, conditions where you, according to our decision, create problems, possible judicial liabilities, or involve in rascally, amoral or unlawful activities, or other analogous reasons.

Abrogation of Accounts: The Prime Blazed has the sole right to abrogate and/or refund your account if it is proved that you have violated the Agreement, or another excusable reason, including but not limited to, conditions where you, according to our decision, create problems, possible judicial liabilities, or involve in rascally, amoral or unlawful activities, or other analogous reasons. The abrogation of your Account involves cancellation and annulment of any and all Licenses and Rights which were given to you in accordance to this Agreement.

Your Obligations

Legal purposes: You should use Prime Blazed only for legal intentions.

Representations: You state and guarantee that you are empowered to enter into and fulfil the terms of present Agreement. Moreover, according to this Agreement You state and guarantee that you will always meet the obligations you have as provided hereby, as well as by any and all laws, policies, regulations which may be applied.

Reimbursement: According to this Agreement You assent to defend, hold and compensate the Prime Blazed and its affiliates from and against any and all responsibilities and charges, inclusive of sensible fees of attorney supervened by such parties, concerning your (a) infringement or breach of any term of current agreement or any relevant law or regulation, whether or not referenced herein, or (b) infringement of any rights of any third party, or (c) application or misapplication of the Prime Blazed products.

Limitation of Liability

No Guarantees: The software you receive is granted “as is” with no guarantees whatever; the Prime Blazed does not guarantee, claim or represent any warranties or terms of non-infringement, performance, merchantable quality, fitness for the particular purpose usage, quality, as regards to its products either statutory, implied or expressed. There is no warranty and reference in present Agreement that the Prime Blazed software will be always available, timely, accessible, accurate, uninterrupted, error-free, secure and complete or that the software will work without packet discard or packet loss. We do not guarantee the proper connection to the internet or the transmission of proper quality internet or any downloads made by the agency of this software.

Your own Risk: You are aware and assent that fact that total risk emanating out of your usage of the Service stays with You, to the maximum degree allowed by law.

Limitation of liability: The Prime Blazed, its licensors or its affiliates in no case should be responsible, whether in form of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty, product liability or another form of responsibility, for:

Any and all of special indirect, consequential, or incidental damages (without any limitation of computer failure, any loss of or corruption to data, or pecuniary loss, interruption,) which arise out of the usage or impossibility of the software usage; and

Any loss in income, profits or business (whether indirect or direct) which arise out of the usage or impossibility of the software usage;

Any damage or loss which you may suffer as the result of the Intermission or determination of present agreement by any of the Parties independently of reason; and

Such limitations of the liability of Prime Blazed to you shall be applied independently of the fact if the Prime Blazed, the Prime Blazed staff or its affiliates have been advised of the probability of such damages or losses arising.

Cognizance Limitations: Because some of the exceptions or restrictions are not permitted by some authorities, some of these exceptions or restrictions may not refer to You. Then the responsibility will be restricted to the maximum rate which is possible within the appropriate legislation.


Partial Invalidity: If any court or administrative agency of competent cognizance finds any clause of the Terms, or any part of a clause, the validity, legality or enforceability of the rest of present Agreement (inclusive of the rest of the term which includes the applicable clause) shall not be influenced.

No waiver: In case of presence of the fulfilment failure, or delay in fulfilment, power, remedy or right, specified by the present Agreement or by law shall not set up a waiver of such power, right or remedy.

Survival: The Terms which limit the liability of Prime Blazed, deny guarantees, and enforce copyrights and IP rights, shall survive the present Agreement termination for any reason.

Automatic Renewal: Prime Blazed is a service based on subscription: 1-Day trial license, 1-Month license and 1-Year license. 1-Day trial license price is 1.99 USD. This amount will be charged first and is not refundable. 1-day trial license gives full access, trial period expires the next day after submitting order. 1-day trial license extends automatically to 1-Month license (cost 24.99 USD) if not cancelled during trial period. 1-Month and 1-Year license price are 24.99 USD and 159.99 USD respectively, the amount will be charged instantly after submitting order.

Refund/Cancellation policy: Please note that refunds are provided exclusively for unauthorized or accidental subscriptions and purchases, the payments for utilized services are nonrefundable. Also, refund for 1-Month or 1-Year license is not possible after 1-Day trial, as you can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial period. Partial refund is permitted if the subscription was cancelled within 1-Day trial, and 1.99 USD trial fee will be issued. To cancel the subscription, please refer your payment service provider (PayPal, credit card company, debit card bank etc.) and go through the cancellation process by yourself to qualify technical requirements.

Last modified: Mar 12, 2023